Ralph Overbeck – Smart Curators / Smart Festival

International executive based in Rome and Connecticut, championing smart cities, travel, and festivals. 

Former pioneer of Artificial Intelligence with active multi-million dollar ROI use cases in pollution control and environmental impact, shifting from fail-and-fix to predict-and-prevent regime. Now focused on small investments in big ideas, enabling social change.

Ralph has established a boutique hotel start-up, achieving tripadvisor and booking excellence awards within two years of running a privately owned 17th-century country house, Casale Flaminia in Spoleto, providing an ideal oasis for travellers and artists in residence. 

Smart executive at (sm)art curators, a non-profit initiative, running annual international festivals and seasonal residencies in Italy, carefully curated by distinguished international compositions of artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines.

Founder and investor of SIBI.LIFE – Small Investors in Big Ideas. Your Life! An international community of grassroots investors providing the financial backing and mentorship, springboarding young entrepreneurs and people with big ideas into new viable ventures using small equity stake and pay forward instruments. 

Associate producer of Over the Wall, a journey of a diverse London based football team playing their way through Egypt and Israel to become the first British sports team to ever play in Palestine.  


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