Pedro Neves – Founder and CEO of Global Solutions

Founder and CEO of Global Solutions. Consultant for UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management

Responsible for generating Development Policies based on Sustainable Development, designing and implementing Infrastructure Investment Plans, with particular focus on Integrated Urban Development Solutions, originating, managing and delivering over USD 10 billion in infrastructure asset deals in over 80 countries in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.

Infrastructure asset projects and programs range from Oil & Gas (upstream and downstream), Power (fossil and renewable in production, transmission and distribution), Environment (water, water treatment & solid waste, Mobility (Airports, Ports, Roads, Railways, Metro), Social Infrastructure (Health, Education, Public Administration), Real Estate and Urban Development, Logistics, Industry, Mining, and Oil & Gas.

Has achieved success managing investment operations, in new ventures, new markets and with new partners due to more than 25 years of field experience operating and managing projects and special purpose vehicles (SPV’s) in the development and exploitation phases.

The 10+ years’ experience working with the public sector (United Nations, central and local governments, and public owned entities) designing and implementing policies for public sector investment have given him a unique perspective on public interest that has been key in originating deals and developing People-First PPPs throughout the world.

Has been lecturing on Business Development Strategy since 2003 and is the founder of the first MBA on Urban Renewal for which he has lectured on Sustainable and Urban Development and Urban Renewal Business since 2010, and became Visiting Professor at École des Ponts et Chausses, ParisTech lecturing on Innovative Finance, and recently appointed as the module coordinator for Localizing the SDGS at Université de Genève.

From his relationship and work with Harvard Business School, Tsinghua University and IESE Business School in Barcelona, became more involved on scientific research, combining: engineering (the ability to physically transform the planet), business (the ability to establish financial sustainable solutions), and social sciences (the ability to promote economic and social growth) through a more pro-active academy that promotes sustainable development based on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships.

Started the PhD in 2017 at University of Lisbon, in 2018 achieved PhD Project Thesis and is now writing the PhD Thesis with the Research Question: SDGs Why? and for Whom?



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