Paula Teles

Paula Teles was born in Arouca on 05/16/1969. She has a degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Planning and Design of the Urban Environment. Mobility and Urban Design Specialist.

Founder and CEO of MPT (2004), a mobility planning and urban design company, a pioneer in inclusive urban mobility in Portugal.

Founder and President of the Institute of Cities and Villages with Mobility, since 2006.

Councilor of the Penafiel City Council, near Porto. (2009-2013).

University Professor at several Portuguese and European Universities since 2007. Currently a professor at Facultade ÁGORA (Spain).

Coordinator of the National Network of Cities and Towns with Mobility for All, a project of the Portuguese Association of Spatial Planners and President of the Portuguese Network of Cities of Excellence. Currently President of the Cities and Towns that Walk Network, since September 2022.

President of the Technical Commission for Accessibility and Universal Design, of the Portuguese Government, since 2009.

Member of the Committee of Experts of the Forum “Thinking Cities in the 21st Century”, of the Atlantic Axis of the Peninsular Northwest, Galicia and Northern Portugal (2014-2015)

Promoter of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, of the European Union, at ICVM headquarters, since 2017.

Member of the Non-Executive Council of Experts of Vision Zero 2030 of the National Road Safety Authority, Ministry of Internal Administration of the Government of Portugal.

Member of the Assembly of Representatives of the Order of Engineers of Portugal since 2017.

He has been a weekly columnist at Jornal de Notícias, since March 2022.

Coordinator and Municipal Consultant in dozens of Municipalities and Coordinator of numerous Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and urban design.

Speaker and congressman and invited jury as an expert at various national and international events.

Author of books and a wide range of publications and technical articles.


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